Why Proper Insulation Makes All the Difference

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Are you tired of feeling drafts in your home? Is your heater or air conditioning working constantly without much success? You may want to investigate the status of your insulation.  Insulation works by trapping air within and slowing the transfer of heat. However, over time, some types of insulation can compress due to gravity, resulting in air gaps and inefficient barriers.  Your goal is to remove air gaps by installing insulation that is airtight and of the proper thickness.

Why Proper Insulation Makes All the Difference

Four locations you can enhance insulation to increase heat efficiency are:

  1. Walls. Walls can account for up to 30-40% of your home’s heat loss. If your walls are open, spray foam is a fantastic choice as it creates a tight barrier. Injection foam can be used if drywall is already attached.
  2. Roof. This can include insulation directly attached to the roof or laid flat on the attic floor. Cellulose or blown-in fiberglass are both ranked high in their R-factor. Do not be stingy with the thickness of your insulation.
  3. Windows and Doors. The trim around windows and doors can hide air gaps. Combined with wall insulation, insulating windows and doors can make your home air tight. Spray foam is one of the best methods to fully close up those air gaps.
  4. Floors. The easiest way to insulate the floor is to come from below and fill in between the floor joists. Insulating from above the floor is possible but it would require removing floor boards.

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